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As all kinds of vocational training simply aim to give an opportunity to the trainee to "work and earn money", the aim of this project is also to help our target group iwomen to work and earn money for their life sustainability and live in a more wealthy environment. There exist a large number of inactive people, especially women who are potential "home based workers" or "e-workers", but they need proper and efficient training for this. One of the most convenient "home-based working" fields is "call centers". People who are employed in call centers as call center representatives/agents do not necessarily have to be employed in the organizations’ premises or working offices anymore, thanks to fast developing communication technologies and the Internet. As a result of the development in communication technologies, call diverting is very easy and inexpensive. Access to company Intranets via Internet is now part of daily life due to high Internet access speeds. Therefore, home-based working in this field is perfectly possible in any part of Europe, if proper training and practice channels are made available to those who will be interested in such a challenging employment opportunity.

This portal is designed under Erasmus+ Programme' support and aims to serve as a compact tool available on your laptops, PCs, and Android-based mobile devices so that access to home-based e-learning of future call agent/operator start-ups. We invite you to join us to exploit the content for free.

VirtualCall is structured to guide you to reach to the information you seek via user-friendly navigation channels. Please go through the ► Users' Manual ◄ for familiarizing yourself with the VirtualCall structure, before proceeding.


Make the Most of Your Biggest Asset – Your Employees

Although very useful for less complex requests, self-service tools are not always enough to resolve queries. The same is true for agents...


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How did you find us?

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