1. Introduction
2. Conceptual Framework
2.1. Call Center Concept
2.1.1. Some Key Terms Related To Call Centers
2.1.2. History of the Call Centers
2.1.3. Importance and Necessity of Call Centers
3. Services Offered in the Call Center
3.1. Customer Service
3.2. Complaint Management
3.3. Technical Support
3.4. Campaign Management
3.5. Tele Marketing and Sales
3.6. Debt Reminder and Collection
4. Service Channels in the Call Center
4.1. Standard Service Channels
4.2. Alternative Service Channels
4.3. Social Media
5. Call Centres by Call Type
5.1. Outbound
5.2. Inbound
5.3. Hybrid
6. Call Centers by Service Location
6.1. Insource/Inhouse
6.2. Outsource
6.3. Off-Shore
7. Call Centres by Service Type Platform
7.1. Omnichannel Call Center
7.2. Outbound Dialer Call Center
7.3. Web Chat
8. Call Centres by Deployment Models
8.1. On-premises Call Center Software
8.2. Hosted Call Center Software
8.3. Cloud-based call center software
8.4. Browser-based call center software
9. Call Centres by Industry
10. Virtual Call Center Concept
10.1. The Birth and Development of the Virtual Call Center
10.2. Essential Features of Virtual Call Centre Systems
10.3. Differences between “Virtual Call Centres” and “Traditional Call Centres”


Make the Most of Your Biggest Asset – Your Employees

Although very useful for less complex requests, self-service tools are not always enough to resolve queries. The same is true for agents...


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