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After the completion of each call, the “customer” will fill out a standard e-Stage Performance Assessment questionnaire and rate the Virtual Call Center Representatives from various aspects. These records will be collected in the file of the call center representative prospect and be used for the final evaluation of their performance, at the end of the e-Stage period.

This will be a "real" performance indicator of the candidate and future employers will be able to respect them without any doubt, as they are all "on the work" tests.

Eventually the Virtual Call Center representative candidate will have another score than the e-training final test score. This will help in:

- Success comparison of candidates between e-training versus e-stage,

- Conformity of results if e-stage and associated practicing are validating the success of e-training, in the overall sense of being an actual and representative "quality" indicator.

e-Stage also be used to speed up the service and increase the efficiency of the future call center representative.

Finally, learners will be able to visualize/follow their overall performance and improve their weak points, if any.


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Although very useful for less complex requests, self-service tools are not always enough to resolve queries. The same is true for agents...


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