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1. In which of the following call centre companies can you work virtually from home?

a) In-house call centers
b) Outsourcing call centers
c) Hybrid
d) All of the above

2. What does cloud based (cloud hosting) call center mean?

a) Is a web-accessible platform for managing customer calls and interactions that eliminates the need for a physical infrastructure
b) It is a structure where all the communication hardware, software and infrastructure of the call centre is stored and operated in the physical office
c) Receives incoming calls typically made by existing customers of businesses
d) An employee of a home-based Call Centre can work internally, i.e. provide customer service in his/her own company, as well as perform marketing research and promotional activities

3. Which of the following is not a concern for call center management?

a) Concern about data security
b) Power outages
c) Poor internet service
d) Data interpretation (Call analysis)

4. Which of the following has the largest share in call center ongoing costs?

a) Management
b) Labour
c) Technology
d) Site

5. Which of the following is not one of the Virtual Call Center Manager Tasks?

a) Maintain a properly equipped home office
b) Collects and analyses call centre data and keeps daily and weekly statistics for individual reports
c) Answering or making calls to clients
d) Communicate findings and make recommendations to management for improvement

6. Which of the following “Average Handle Time”?

a) The time a call centre employee spends for each call
b) Shows how many staff the call centre needs, or the average workload
c) A measure of how long call centre representatives spend working on customer-related tasks
d) The time spent performing necessary administrative tasks

7. Which of the following is the definition of “Operating Cost Per Call”?

a) It is the ratio of time spent talking to customers to time spent performing necessary administrative tasks
b) It is the ratio of the total annual operating and labour costs to the total number of calls
c) It is the ratio of calls that do not require more than one contact related to the reason for the customer's call
d) None

8. Which of the following is not an element that determines efficiency benchmark according to IFC (International Finance Corporation)

a) Accuracy of Call Forecasting
b) Adherence to Schedule
c) Call Duration
d) All of them

9. Which of the following is the definition of First Call Resolution Rate (FCR)?

a) The ratio of first-time resolved calls/total calls
b) The rate is the number of calls that are abandoned is used by the call center to determine the rate of missed calls
c) A general term used to indicate how well agents fit into their shifts
d) The cost of supervisors, trainers, and quality assurance personnel

10. What is the Average Speed to Answer for inbound calls based on the traditional call center industry - standard service level?

a) 70% of calls answered with 20 seconds (70/20)
b) 80% of calls answered with 30 seconds (80/30)
c) 80% of calls answered within 20 seconds (80/20)
d) 90% of calls answered with 40 seconds (90/40)

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